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Things we KNOW about EBOLA (EBOV)


1. The CDC is avoiding “non traditional” medical modalities to treat this problem.

2. Some form of “cure” exists but it is “outside the scope” of CDC investigation. (Possibly a "treatment" as noted above.)

3. Since EBOV is anaerobic, and Colloidal Silver kills over 99% of all anaerobic pathogens, AND since EBOV is airborne: Colloidal Silver (preferably ultra small or nano particle) delivered via nebulizer should have a beneficial effect.

4. Hydrogen peroxide therapy (preferably physician supervised) should be beneficial.

5. Ozone therapy … always physician supervised … should be beneficial.

6. IV Vitamin C therapy … always physician supervised … should be beneficial.

Protection … Avoidance

1. Always carry a small spray bottle of colloidal silver to spray your “soft palate” (at the back of your throat) when you are in or around crowds.

2. Wash your eyes with colloidal silver immediately when you get home from crowd exposure.

3. Wash hands with soap and water, sterilize with bleach, hydrogen peroxide or colloidal silver. Avoid products containing triclosan.

4. Maintain good nutrition.

5. Supplement with vitamin C to bowel tolerance, starting now.

6. Obtain a good hepa dust mask, with filters for odor, just in case an actual pandemic occurs. The mask can massively reduce your risk of infection (NOTE: the corpses of carnivores are nasty smelling. In a pandemic event, survivors will have to deal with deceased victims. “Vicks” under the nostrils doesn't cut it.)

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